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The perfect workspace

Having worked both as an in-house copywriter and a freelance copywriter during my career, I've become one of those people who gets a bit obsessive about their workspace. Whether it's in my own home or in a shared office space, there are a few must haves that I need around me to get my head in the game. Mostly, I need a clear space with a few books, notepads and a cup of coffee within reach. But, I've also worked with writers who will fill their desks with doodles, food, postcards, clippings - you name it - and they won't bat an eyelid. So, I've done a bit of research into what makes the perfect workspace.

1. Plants

Sometimes when you're cooped up working on a project all day, you need a small green reminder that nature still exists outside. A small plant will do wonders for your mind. Studies show that when we look at green plants or foliage, it actually calms us. Plus, they clean bad stuff out of the air. Grab a succulent or a cactus, and they're almost impossible to kill. Bonus. 

2. Daylight

It's pretty common for desk-workers to get a touch of Seasonal Affective Disorder in the wintertime, and it's usually because we don't get out a lot! Even just seeing a few hours of daylight will make a difference, so position your desk close to a window with blinds that can lower and raise as necessary. If you can't get a window, a lamp that mimics natural daylight will do the trick to lift your mood. Particularly effective for homeworkers who can sometimes feel a little cooped up and isolated.

3. Pinboard

For those who love a bit of clutter, a pinboard is perfect for creating a bit of organised mess. Those thank you cards, postcards, photographs and coffee shop loyalty cards can all be pinned up in a seemingly random fashion, whilst looking super neat and tidy. If you work in an office, your neater colleagues will thank you. 

4. Refreshments 

When you're in deep with a project, you need an excuse to get up and wander about for ten minutes every hour. Also, caffeine. Keeping a kettle or a coffee machine a few steps away from your desk will encourage you to step away from your laptop for a few minutes, and the odd caffeine hit or sip of green tea will give you a bit of encouragement to head back to your desk and keep on going.

5. Books

Actual paper books. Yes, we now have the internet at our fingertips - and all the answers you could possibly need to any question just a click away. But tired screen-eyes will appreciate a little break and the chance to sit back and flip through a book. Inspiration can come from anywhere - a book of photographs or paintings can spark visual concepts, or even your favourite bit of fiction can be enough to help conjure up a special idea.  

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